Tune up your rental for summer 2021!

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March is here, and we move forward to longer and warmer days in the valley; with this comes a broader range of guests than full winter. We can count on a big population of people looking to get away safely from their city home.

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Whistler in 2020 is better than ever

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As we move forward in 2020, I think of how creative and resilient our community is. As we've faced many challenges over the years, one we did not expect was the lack of engagement with Vail Resorts. The one constant we have had over the years is the participation of the various mountain ownerships with the community. We worked hard to be the premier mountain destination resort.

Vail Resorts focus is on selling ski passes and having guests ski their resorts, the unique events which are part of the Whistler brand do not mesh with the current business plan.

Thankfully, the local business community has stepped up and filled the void. Gibbons Whistler is leading the World Ski & Snowboard Festival into April 2020 and is passionate about the significant part this Festival plays in our mountain culture.

Deep Winter Photo Challenge, after a run of thirteen years, was a casualty this fall. Thankfully, Origin Design and Communications Ltd., a local outdoor sports marketing agency, approached Tourism Whistler and the Fairmont Chateau Whistler to fill the void. Uprising will premier this February pairing established photographers with up and coming shooters to create a winning slide show and share in an $8000 purse.

Finally, Tourism Whistler began a soul searching mission in September 2017, and declared its commitment to responsible tourism and balanced year-round visitation. The study was the most comprehensive research ever taken and the first that engaged the local and business population as well as the visitors. The presentation was at the Rainbow Theatre the week before Christmas. The culmination of this research was Whistler's Place brand.

"Based on online polls, in-person interviews and workshops, many of the findings reaffirmed what many already know about Whistler's appeal: its natural beauty, vibrant village, modern infrastructure and international flair. But TW also gained some insights it hadn't heard before, like how the community inherently magnifies experiences and emotion through its celebratory vibe and "go-all-out" mentality. It also heard how Whistler's environment is a strong draw, but it's the culture of the community that serves as the glue that connects people to this place."

One quote presented was that Banff is beautiful to look at, but Whistler encourages you to jump in and participate in that beauty. We'll continue our goal of being the premier mountain destination, and I'm happy to call this place home, more than ever.

Whistler really is the best place on earth!

Ski in & out luxury at First Tracks Lodge

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When you own in Whistler, this is your backyard and you want a front row location to access that playground. Whistler has very little true ski in and out particularly that which is luxurious. Fortunately, First Tracks Lodge fills that void very nicely. You truly walk out the door with your skis or bike and climb in the gondola. After a day on the slopes, come home to one of Whistler's most prestigious addresses. 

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Whistler history

Porsche weekend 1 of 1Whistler is unique in the fact that it was built from scratch, not an old mining town such as Aspen and Breckenridge in Colorado. Whistler started out as Alta Lake and was the largest resort west of Banff. Rainbow Lodge could host up to 100 guests at a time.

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Third quarter market report

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Here's the third quarter market report, and quite a change of business from the second quarter! From lagging well behind in transactions compared to 2019 three months ago, we are now on pace to out perform 2019! 

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Airbnb zoned 8 bedroom home in Whistler!

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There's no turning the clock back, owner-direct bookings are steadily growing in popularity in all visitor demographics. What started in Europe is firmly entrenched in North American culture, with the most popular sites being VRBO, Airbnb and local Alluradirect. 

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Foreign buyers in Whistler

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Here in Whistler, we love our little corner of the world! Many of the full-time residents came here for a vacation and wound up moving here fulltime.

When the Christmas season delivers great weather and snow conditions as 2018 did, many guests consider buying their own piece of paradise. With technology, today, buying and selling remotely has never been so simple and straightforward. I've provided a link for an article by a local mortgage broker for out of country buyers. In Canada, we do choose our mortgage terms based on our plans for the future and what we expect interest rates to do. There's a comprehensive list of the documents you will need to provide for a Canadian bank to approve your purchase.

When you are in Whistler, open a bank account. This can no longer be done remotely. If you have time to meet with a lawyer for the identification requirements that is helpful but not mandatory. Let your agent take copies of your government id for the file. If you are planning on using your property for Christmas 2019 you need to complete your purchase by June to ensure your owner booking. In the Hilton, you need to complete your purchase 10 months before the next holiday period. 

Documents can be done electronically, paperwork emailed back and forth rather than couriering. Properties can be videoed or have a Facetime walkthrough. Let's get in touch and I'll make it easy for you to become an owner in Whistler or Pemberton.

Just Listed!

4308 1264 DWVS 6 of 9Located at the heart of Whistler Village, this studio presents an affordable ownership opportunity. Marriott Whistler Village Suites by Delta is one of the best revenue producers in Whistler.

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European charm set in a modern resort

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Opportunity knocks with a location to die for! Guests love the European ambiance and the private setting. Haus Heidi is located at 7115 Nesters Road, a short walk to all the Village offers. With an active business license, TP 4 zoning and 5 star reviews online, what are you waiting for? 

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There is a large demand for multi bedroom homes for family and friend groups to stay in together. With eight legal bedrooms, Haus Heidi is that lucky chance to take advantage of the demand and restricted supply. The bedrooms feature a variety of bed configurations and sizes, to cover families, girl friend or couple weekends. Get a group of people together for a magic Whistler visit with non of the hotel hassles.

The property has a large parking area right by the house. Easy access for unloading groceries, gear and luggage. It's a simple walk to Marketplace and everything the Village offers. With a large kitchen, there's room for lots of cooks to whip up apres snacks or gourmet dinners. Adjacent to the kitchen is a spacious south facing balcony, and an entertaining meal area. A second entertaing and dining area is located at the back of the house.

Enjoy the hot tub after a day of play. Haus Heidi is an ideal location for a cycling vacation. Ride out your door and onto the trails, perhaps bring in a private chef and yoga instructor to wrap up the day. Be at our world famous bike park in minutes with no parking expenses or hassles. 

Guests love Haus Heidi! Put your personal design stamp on the rooms and create a thriving year round business. Timing is perfect to get in and start your action plan. Whistler is more attractive now than ever as a destination.


Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved

mortgage approval

You have probably been advised to get pre-approved or pre-qualified before going looking at properties to purchase. These terms get used rather loosely sometimes, but understanding the difference can give a buyer an advantage in the purchase process, especially if you are a first-time purchaser.

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Welcoming 2019 in Whistler!

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What I love about this spot in Whistler is the history. Other than trees growing, there's no sign of the encroachment of daily life in Whistler today. Not that I don't love Whistler today. As a matter of fact, much of life in Whistler then was spent on the road to Squamish or Vancouver. Groceries, banking, laundry, clothing or any staple of life, except gas, required a trip out of the valley.

While many people complain about the busyness in Whistler today, we enjoy a remarkable lifestyle with the best of all worlds. There  


August in Whistler

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Perseid meteor shower, Crankworx is coming to town and back to school ads are back on TV. It must be August. Here are some of my favourite things to do this month.

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Recreation in bear country

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Whistler is bear country, and this is one of our local black bears. It really took me years to be comfortable around them. 

As the Grizzly population is recovering on the west side of the highway, and we recreate more in the Rainbow- Sproatt- Callaghan area, we need to learn more about the Grizzly population. It seems I need to better understand our local grizzly bear population now.

 This spring we had several sitings of a young grizzly in the valley. After some closures due to grizzly and human interaction on the west side of the valley, I thought it was very timely of AWARE and the Whistler library to put on this presentation. It was recorded and will be posted online so more people can enjoy the lively and thoughtful discussion. I would encourage everyone to check it out.

In the meantime, these are the recommended steps for travel in grizzly terrain.

Travel in a large group and stick together.

Make noise, talking loudly, singing and clapping hands.

Be aware of your surroundings and watch for evidence of bears. Scat, digging, overturned logs etc.

Leash your dog at all times.

Carry bear spray and watch this video. Have the bear spray readily available, not in your pack.

Be prepared and enjoy our backyard with a group of friends and family!

Everyone's doing it! Airbnb, VRBO etc

Everyone has a friend or neighbour killing it on Airbnb or VRBO, and there is no doubt some people do very well. It's a big market, and how do you make your listing stand out against the mob? There's several aspects to a successful rental, but this blog focuses on decor and finish.

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How do you know it's the right home?

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Buying a home is the single biggest investment and commitment you're going to make so it's crucial to ask yourself some questions. Take your time on these and be thoughtful about your answers. As long as you've moved out of your parents home, your choices are rent or purchase a home. 

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Investment property in Whistler

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A proven producer, in the center of the Village, Delta Whistler Village Suites checks all the boxes. This popular phase two one-bedroom suite is the most affordable opportunity in the building.

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December in Whistler....

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The countdown to Christmas has started in Whistler. There are lot's of fun activities to take part in around the valley. Here's a short list of activities in the resort for December. 

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Powderwood, coming soon!

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One of the most sought after complexes in Whistler, and coming soon. Powderwood offers quality, space and amenities that are in high demand and limited supply in the valley. A residential complex, with three bedrooms & loft, double car garage, forced air heat and loads of storage.

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Behind the scenes!

red house in black and white smallMost sellers focus on the process of choosing their Realtor, then the photos and marketing begin. In truth, there is quite a bit more time and effort that goes into getting a listing "live."

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U.S. Thanksgiving and let the skiing begin!

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 I love Whistler in the fall. There's nothing better than celebrating Thanksgiving twice. Funnily enough, besides the turkey, both holidays in Whistler center around shopping. Canadian Thanksgiving is the turkey sale and then this coming weekend is the Bizarre Bazaar. Now called the Whistler Holiday market, I favour the decades-old name, Bizarre Bazaar. 

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Real estate in spring 2020

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Real estate in 2020, some of the tools have changed. Everyone needs to deal with COVID 19 in their own way. We all have individual feelings about the world we find ourselves in.

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Thanksgiving fun in Whistler!

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This October weekend marks the transition from summer to winter. The Whistler Mountain bike park wraps up another season, and the lifts close down for the fall hiatus. This blog post gives you a rundown on what to do on this busy weekend!

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Pure winter magic at Haus Heidi

What has 8 bedrooms zoned for Airbnb with no strata corporation to deal with? Haus Heidi has legal pension zoning on a 40,000 square foot lot. Architectural details make this a charming year-round retreat, a gingerbread house in the mountains that enjoys repeat clientele.

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Second quarter market news

Whistler Real Estate Market Report: Quarter 2, 2018

Published on 

1553 Spring 2Real estate activity in Whistler continued to be steady throughout the first half of 2018. The total number of transactions has moderated from the peak levels achieved in 2016 and the first half of 2017, but strong buyer interest and low levels of properties being offered for sale continue to support prices in all sectors of the marketplace and as a result, average sales values have continued to move up in 2018.

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Timing is everything

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Change is a constant factor in our lives, it's here today, in a more substantial format, as disruption. COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on our daily lives, from work, socializing, friends and family. Who knew a simple activity such as grocery shopping could generate so much anxiety!

But in disruption lies opportunity, if you had been debating buying a home, it's a fantastic time to get ready to move.

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Phase 1 two bedroom

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Enjoy spectacular outdoor balcony space, in this spacious Blackcomb Benchlands two bedroom, two bathroom condominium. All the rooms have large picture windows as well as balconies. The suite has recently had upgraded bathrooms and kitchen, so all you need to do is bring your gear and add some personal touches.

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Whislife... the shoulder season

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The fall shoulder season or travel season depending on your age and job, that shifting period between Canadian and American Thanksgiving which delineates the transition from summer activities to winter. This year October featured a stationary high-pressure ridge allowing for more biking and hiking but the rains must come.

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Tips on shopping for a condo in Whistler!

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Congratulations! You've decided Whistler has a place in your life and are starting the search for your ideal getaway. While there are residential homes and townhomes, most buyers want to be able to generate some revenue to assist with the cost of the investment. We call the tourist accommodation zoned properties phase one and two. While each allows a different amount of owner use and flexibility, viewing these homes follow the same guidelines.

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Staying home

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The speed at which our lives changed, caught all of us, I think, by surprise. Here in Whistler, we went from welcoming the world to closing down in a matter of days, if not hours. The bears are coming out of hibernation to a changing world.

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Delta Whistler Village Suites

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Investor alert! This one bedroom at the Delta Whistler Village Suites by Marriott generated $17,543 for 2017 after all expenses. 2018 is tracking even better with $19,207 for the owner at the end of August.

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Strata insurance is in the news

It's hard not to hear about the insurance rates jumping in B.C. these days, particularly in strata developments. This story often leads on the news, and the government is looking into some intervention measures. 

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It's time to buy in Whistler!

red house in black and white smallA seller's market prevailed in Whistler for several years but we now enjoy a more balanced market, leaning slightly to the buyers. What does this mean? It's the perfect time to buy.

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Turkey! turkey! turkey!

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Snow was flying in the valley October 2nd  and the legendary turkey sale starts tomorrow. I love this weekend! We say farewell to the Whistler Mountain bike park, summer and set our sights on the ski season. The bears are eating 20 hours a day to fatten up for the winter. There is plenty to enjoy and rejoice for on this weekend. So here are a few of my favourite things to do around town.


Head up the mountain. It's the final weekend of sightseeing operations. Stroll up to the peak or take the Peak 2 Peak gondola over to Blackcomb for a walk over there. The bushes are aglow in fall colour and the landscape may feature a dusting of snow. Go up Saturday afternoon and catch the sunset from the Umbrella bar by the Inukshuk out the back of Pikas.

Take a stroll around Lost Lake or head down to Cheakamus Crossing and walk the Riverside trails. It's a great time to walk into Cheakamus Lake but it's not dog-friendly like the first two walks. The west side of the valley- Lord of the Squirrels, Into the Mystic, Rainbow Lake and Skywalk are unfortunately closed for the season due to some grizzlies in the area. Save those for next year!

Long weekends feature a two-day Farmer's market with lot's of great Pembie potatoes, artisan bread and crafts.

New this year is the turkey trot, brought to you by the North Face half marathon people. There's a 5 and 10 km route through Lost Lake on Sunday morning. It's sold out so plan ahead for 2019!

If you haven't been to Vallea Lumina, you've got until October 14th. Get your tickets from The Adventure Group and enjoy a wander through a light show and story out at Cougar Mountain. New to Whistler this year but I'm sure it will be back next year.

It's the last weekend to golf at the local courses so bundle up and get out there. The pro shops are also good spots to hit for the golfer on your Christmas list. 

So let's get to the main event of the weekend- shopping. Whistler Blackcomb started the original sale back decades ago. It grew to evolve into a resort-wide event. Plan your attack before arriving... looking to pick up a rental bike? There's downhill, cross-country, cruiser's and e-bikes available. Good deals on helmets, gloves and clothing as well.

The day lodge at the base of Blackcomb has the WB turkey sale but I find great value wandering the Village stroll and visiting Whistler Village Sports, Excess, Escape Route and more. Stock up on some west coast favourites like Arcteryx and Icebreaker. It's a perfect weekend to catch up with winter friends, split and stack some firewood or look at real estate! Thinking of buying or selling? I'm right in Whistler year round.



Happy Canada Day!

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Canada Day signals the start of summer, the alpine hiking season and concerts at Celebration Plaza. Here's a guide on what's happening and my favourite events.

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The View From Here 2019 speakers

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One of our mandates at Whistler Real Estate is to ensure our clients are well educated on where the resort is headed. I think there is exciting news, that is not readily available to people outside of the corridor. Even many people in Whistler, aren't aware of everything that is underway. I was excited to hear from the Whistler Learning Centre and the Lilwat Nation.

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A taste of Europe in Whistler

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Have you dreamt of being an Innkeeper? Wanted to live fulltime in Whistler? Going skiing while your guests are skiing or perhaps guiding them on the mountain. Take the shoulder season off and travel? Haus Heidi is a truly unique opportunity. The chalet is a legally zoned 8 room pension with a studio suite for a caretaker.


Haus Heidi's roots go back to early Whistler. It was an exciting time in Whistler with talk of pursuing the 1976 Olympics. Before the Village was built, Alta Lake had a core group of Swiss, Austrian and German skiers who built Bavarian style cabins. As the resort was under planning in the 1970's, Alta Lake became the resort municipality of Whistler. In the early days, there was little accommodation in the valley and many of the Bavarian style chalets became bed and breakfasts or group cabins. 

Today Haus Heidi is still hosting skiers and snowboarders but our resort has expanded to include summer. Guests are greeted by a gorgeous garden with ample parking. The two balconies off the front bathe in the afternoon sun. The summer guests represent the biggest opportunity to increase the revenue for this charming chalet. Whistler has truly become a four-season playground.

Currently, the pension is being rented on Airbnb and VRBO as an 8 room chalet. There is a high demand for homes that can house larger groups for extended family or friends. The 8 room sleeps 18 comfortably and all the bathrooms were totally updated in the last couple of years. Five of the eight rooms have ensuites. Four of the bedrooms have a balcony and one has a patio.  There is a sauna and a large hot tub. Haus Heidi is ideal for a yoga retreat, family reunion, small wedding or small conference.  There is a studio suite for the innkeepers or heidi upper bedroom at back 1 of 1

Best of all, Haus Heidi is a 5-minute walk to Whistler Village and there is a bus stop right beside the pension. Its charm is unique in Whistler while most European resorts have chalets like this. Winter bookings are going well and create an opportunity for you to a revenue stream while you begin the planning of summer 2019. Come, have a look and dream large!





Airbnb in Whistler, we have zoning for that!


red house in black and white smallThe shared economy is hot right now, and Whistler is booming with destination guests. There’s a house on down the street from your home. The condo tower where your sister lives is full of units up for nightly rental on Airbnb. Whistler would be perfect! I'll help you find the right property!

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Choosing a Realtor and company to sell your home.

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Most people think about the agent they choose to work with, which is important, as they will be guiding you through this process that can be complex and emotional. The company the agent works for will determine the services and exposure your home will receive. This is a critical decision and several factors need to be looked at when choosing a company. Resort real estate is different from selling a home in the suburbs and more extensive resources are needed to achieve the best sale value. Your buyer can be coming from anywhere in the world!

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First time home buyer plan

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There's an opportunity to use up to $25,000 as a loan from your RRSP to purchase a principal residence. The government's definition of a "first-time buyer" is a person who has NOT owned and lived in a home as a principal residence at any time during the five calendar years up to and including the current year. If your spouse has owned and lived in a home during that period, and you have inhabited that home, you also do not qualify. Spouse includes a common law spouse.

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